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Vet Care


Maintaining a regular vaccination & de-worming schedule for your pet is very important as some diseases are canine/human transferable. We always supply our buyers with their puppy's health records (vaccinations & de-wormings that have already been administered, what was given, & the date) as well as a schedule to follow. I recommend taking the health records to the vet for review. If your vet recommends a different schedule than the one we provide, always follow your vet's recommendation.


Here is the schedule we follow:

De-worming with Pyrantel Pamoate at age 2 & 4 weeks. De-worming with Fenbendazol or Praziquantal at age 6, and 8 weeks. We love Nemex and you can find it through our Must Have Products page. You can be a few days early or late with shots & de-wormings, as your schedule allows, but remember, if you are late for one set, you need to be a few days late with the next set to avoid having shots & de-wormings too close together. Booster shots need to be given at 4 wk intervals. After age 3 months, de-worming is recommended every 3 months & annual vaccinations & rabies beginning at age 12 months.


I will be happy to answer any questions  regarding our schedule. Call or text Natalie Mabey at 801-815-9565 or email ****DO NOT buy from a breeder that does not provide you with a written shot record & schedule to follow.


All vaccination & de-worming supplies are available over the counter if you opt to administer them yourself but annual vet visit's are still recommended for optimum health. The main ingredient in dog foods needs to be chicken, Salmon or beef. The ingredient listed first on the bag is the highest percentage of the contents inside.   


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