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frequently asked questions

  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Spanish Fork, Utah.
  • Do you do health testing?
    Yes! Every breed has recommended disease traits to test for along with hip testing to check elasticity/ hip displaysia risks. We do the recommended health testing before considering breeding in our program.
  • Do you have a waiting list or deposit list?
    Yes! If you are within 6 months to a year of wanting to add a pup, we highly recommend making a deposit ($500) to ensure your pick of a beautiful pup to your family.
  • Do you let people pick their own puppy? Some breeders pick your puppy for you.
    Definitely. We may have some personality recommendations or suggestions but you make the call on who your new best friend will be.
  • Can I pick out my puppy in person?
    Absolutely!!! We are happy to have you come to the farm and pick out your new baby in person if you have that ability. Otherwise many choose their puppy with our help through pictures and videos.
  • Do you show your dogs?
    Yes! We really enjoy trick training and have many trick dog titles on our dogs. We have also shown conformation and received points there as well.
  • How many litters do you have a year?
    4-5 litters per year.
  • Do you have a Facebook or Instagram?
    Of course! Find us on Instagram at @mabeyfamilyranch and Facebook at Mabey Family Ranch.
  • How much is the deposit?
    A non-refundable $500 is due to secure your place in line. It IS applied to the final price of $3000.
  • When do we pick out our puppy?
    We start picking our puppies when they are 3 weeks old in the order we recieved deposits.
  • Can I call to ask more questions?
    Yes! We are available monday through saturday 8-5. #801-815-9565 Ask for Natalie.
  • Do you ship your puppies?
    We do not ship puppies cargo. Happily we have an amazing flight nanny who has lots of experience flying your puppy with her in the cabin as a carry on and will bring your baby to your nearest airport if requested for an additional fee. We also have many families fly to the SLC airport and take their puppy home as a carry on.
  • Do you sell breeding rights?
    No I'm sorry we do not.
  • When should I spay/ neuter my dog?
    We like between 6 months and a year with closer to a year being our personal preference. Always go with your vets recommendation for your specific pup.
  • Do you start to potty train my puppy?
    We abolutely do. That being said your puppy still needs lots of patience and consistence in their new home.
  • Do you crate train?
    We sure do! We introduce the crate to the puppies at a very young age and as they grow they spend more and more time in it willingly with the door open.
  • Do Aussies do well in apartments?
    They definitely can! It really depends more on the person than the dog. If you are active and engaging with them they are super adaptable and happy.
  • If I have questions about my puppy after I bring them home can I call, text or email?"
    We for sure are happy to help you as much as we can and will gladly continue to answer your questions or concerns for the life of your dog.
  • How do I place a deposit?
    After you've filled out an application we take deposits through Paypal and Venmo.
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