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It is important to register your dog even if you don't plan on showing them.  Registered dogs find homes much quicker than dogs who arent registered in a adopted shelter situation.


 What is AKC?


AKC is American Kennel Club & began registering PUREBRED dogs in 1878. AKC is the most recognized & respected dog club registry in the world & began registering Australian Shepherds in 1991. More info at


What is ASCA?


ASCA is Australian Shepherd Club of America & is the largest single breed dog registry in North America registering & promoting only the breed of Australian Shepherds since 1957. More info at



What is UKC?


UKC is United Kennel Club established in 1898 & is the largest all breed performance dog registry in the world. The programs at UKC include Obedience Trials, Rally Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, Weight Pull Events, Terrier Races, Dock Jumping Events, Lure Coursing, Total Junior Program, Coonhound Field Trials, Water Races, Nite Hunts and Bench Shows, Hunt Tests for retrieving breeds, Pointing Dog Events, Beagle Events including Hunts and Bench Shows, and Cur and Feist Squirrel and Coon Events and Bench Shows. Rounding out the 'Total Dog' package, UKC Conformation Events are among the largest growing events. UKC dog shows are family events designed by and for the breeder-owner-handler. Professional Handlers are not eligible to exhibit dogs for others at UKC Conformation Events. At UKC dog shows, the emphasis is on the DOG, not the SHOW. More info at  

We strongly encourage our buyers to take advantage of showing our offspring in AKC, ASCA, & UKC events when possible. 

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