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Be Aware:


The main objective when searching for a puppy should ALWAYS be nothing less than to purchase a purebred, registered, quality, healthy puppy from a reputable breeder who does all of teh recommended health testing and picks dogs with solid pedigrees.


1. Eye color should be considered a bonus not a requirement. We cannot control mother nature & make no guarantee on eye color. Blue eyes can change as late as one year of age so if you purchase a puppy strictly on eye color you are likely to later be disappointed if/when they change to brown or green as the puppy ages. Eye color does not make the dog & should not be sacrificed in place of quality or buying from a reputable breeder.


2. Price is another factor to consider. Though I realize not every buyer has $2000 to spend on a puppy, again, price should not be put before buying a quality, healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. Not only does a health tested puppy save you money in the long run, it saves so much heartache.


Important things to consider when searching for a responsible breeder:


1. Beware of "cash only" breeders. They likely will not give you a written health guarantee & if something goes wrong during or after the sale you have no proof you purchased a puppy from them. I hear of situations like this often. It is much safer for you, the buyer, to write a personal check or pay with a credit card so you have proof of your transaction with the breeder. Keep in mind that "cash only" breeders may sell their puppies for less, but if the puppy dies or becomes ill & needs vet care, you really didn't save any money. In addition, if the puppy dies, you may decide to purchase another puppy as a replacement & have to spend even more money.


2. Don't buy from anyone who does not want you to come to their home & see how their dogs & puppies are kept & cared for. You should be invited to view all of the adults & puppies in the breeders care & see where & how they spend their day as well as where they sleep & their exercise area. The exceptions would be a dog or puppy that may be ill or under a veterinarian's care or is too aggressive.


3. And last, don't buy from anyone who does not have the puppies registration paperwork readily available at the time of purchase. "I'll get the paperwork to you" RARELY works out. If breeders are not responsible enough to apply for the registration paperwork well in advance to have it back in time to make the sale, they shouldn't be breeding. 


What to expect when visiting a breeding program:


1. Cleanliness should be a priority. A good rule of thumb I like to use is, if I wouldn't take my shoes off & walk barefoot in the pens, then I need to have a better maintenance program. The only exception would be if you visit during inclement weather. Outside pens are expected to be wet & muddy during & after rain & snow as are outside dogs.


2. Dogs that are kept in pens should have adequate room for exercise. A red flag would be dogs/puppies that are kept in cramped cages stacked on top of each other or very small pens. Dogs need sunshine & fresh air for adequate physical & psychological development & should not be confined to a cage.



How to locate a responsible breeder:


1. Many breeders sell from a referral basis. Buyers can participate in the same process. If you know of someone who already has the breed of dog you want to purchase, & had a good buying experience, ask them who/where they purchased the dog from & contact them for available puppies.


2. Disease can be carried on your clothes & shoes. DO NOT visit more than one breeding program without returning home to change clothes, shoes, & wash your hands thoroughly so you don't bring disease with you to an unsuspecting breeder. Be respectful of breeders who won't allow visitors until the puppies have had at least their first set of vaccinations, again, because disease, & parasites, can be transferred from your clothes & shoes. DO NOT expect to bring a dog you currently own with you to a breeding program & be allowed to remove him/her from your vehicle.


 We encourage everyone to come to look at our puppies in person so you can get to know the puppy in their comfortable places. Then you can see their real personalities! Please just be courteous to our requests.


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