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Aussie Info


Australian Shepherds are a highly intelligent, loyal breed of dog. They just want to be with you & please you. They enjoy learning new tasks & many excel at sports like playing ball, frisbee, & water retrieval with the kids. If these natural abilities & talents are developed they can become professional athletes but most people prefer the dogs to play on an amateur level at home with the family. Australian Shepherds truly enjoy the companionship of another animal, as well as their people, & do well when placed in pairs or with families that already have another dog or cat. They do, however, excel nicely as the only animal in the family too. For exercise they enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, hunting, fishing, camping, & travel, because they just want to be with you. Don't overlook the Australian Shepherd breed for your next hunting dog as well. They will also bay a coon & fetch a duck from the river as well, or better, than any typical hunting breed. Australian Shepherds can become very protective of their people & property giving your family the added security you may be looking for while at home, out for a walk, or with the children at play. Email me at & share what you are looking for in a new family member. I'll do my best to help you select a puppy with the activity level appropriate for your family & assist you in providing proper training building on the lessons I have already instilled in them when they go home. The most important job I have is to make sure the right pup is placed with the right family.

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